Creeping Juniper - Juniperus horizontalis from Ancient Roots Native Nursery

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Juniperus horizontalis

Creeping Juniper
3 Gallon Pot - $35.00
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Low growing evergreen shrub

  • »  Versatile, sprawling ground cover
  • »  Ideal for slopes or in large masses
  • »  Blue to blue-green foliage

This is a low growing evergreen that will hold interest all year long. Foliage is blue - green in color sometimes acquiring purple tones in the winter. Fleshy seed cones which appear as dark blue berries take 2 years to mature. This is a versatile shrub which adapts well to almost any soil type and hot dry areas. Use in rock gardens, erosion control or rocky ground.

.5 - 1.5 Ft
5 - 8 Ft
Trees and Shrubs
Border or BedEvergreenGround CoverLow MaintenanceMass PlantingNo Fertilizing