White Fringe Tree - Chionanthus virginicus from Ancient Roots Native Nursery

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Chionanthus virginicus

White Fringe Tree
3 Gallon Pot - $35.00
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Blooms May - June

  • »  Fringe-like, fragrant, white flowers
  • »  Colorful drupes on female plants
  • »  Vibrant fall color

Long fringe like fragrant bloom is a showstopper. This is a beautiful multi stems centerpiece tree for any garden or woodlands edge. It has an attractive form even when not in bloom. After bloom female trees will produce dark fruit droops that the birds will love. This is a Plant of Merit by the Missouri Botanical Gardens. Fringe tree is dioicous, a female and male plant are needed to produce fruit. May be planted in native gardens, near streams or ponds. Walnut and Air Pollution tolerant.

12 - 20 Ft
12 - 20 Ft
3 - 9
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