Ashy Sunflower - Helianthus mollis from Ancient Roots Native Nursery

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Helianthus mollis

Ashy Sunflower
4 inch Pot First year plant - $6.50
7 inch Pot Second year plant - $10.00
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Blooms July - September First year plants available in spring

  • »  Bright yellow blooms
  • »  Attracts bird and pollinators
  • »  Naturalize

Ashy sunflower is one of our shorter species of sunflowers that can be planted in many different locations including under trees and borders. Helianthus is an important host plant for 69 moths and butterflies (NWF) and provides for pollinators and many songbirds through the winter months. Its bright showy yellow blooms sit upon blue green foliage creating more interest to gardens and naturalized areas. Low maintenance and long blooming season add to the attractiveness, July – September and sometimes into November depending on the weather. Ashy sunflower will grow in shallow rocky soil and is drought tolerant.

2 - 4 Ft
1 - 3 Ft
4 - 9
Attracts ButterfliesAttracts PollinatorsAttracts SongbirdsCut Flower/FoliageDrought TolerantHeat Tolerant