Alternate Pagoda Dogwood - Cornus alternifolia from Ancient Roots Native Nursery

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Cornus alternifolia

Alternate Pagoda Dogwood
3 Gallon Pot - $35.00
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Blooms May - June

  • »  White fragrant flowers in flat-topped clusters
  • »  Abundant clusters of bluish-black berries in the summer
  • »  Beautiful fall color

Pagoda Dogwood adds beautiful ornamental value to any landscape with its tiered branches and creamy white blooms that appear on flat tipped cymes. These fragrant blooms will attract many pollinators and the blue-black berry droops that follow are suspended on reddish stems. Dark green foliage turns to vibrant reds is the fall, providing multi seasonal interest. Not only is this small tree hardy it also has great wildlife value hosting 102 moths and butterflies (NWF) and other beneficial insects. It provides food and shelter for many songbirds and small mammals. As with most dogwoods a little afternoon shade in hot climates is appreciated. Its smaller stature works well as a focal point around homes, patios, woodland edges, and naturalized areas. Pagoda Dogwood is tolerant of juglone. Black Walnut is known to emit juglone which can inhibit other plant growth.

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