American Beech Nut - Fagus grandifolia from Ancient Roots Native Nursery

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Fagus grandifolia

American Beech Nut
3 Gallon - $35.00
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  • »  Keeps leaves in winter
  • »  Nuts ripen in fall
  • »  Wildlife value

American Beach Nut can grow to be a beautiful shade tree with smooth gray bark and a rounded crown that has much wildlife value. Although the flowers are insignificant the fruits are showy and edible raw or cooked. Fruits are utilized by several different small mammals, deer, game and songbirds. American beach nut is also a host plant for 121 (NWF) different moths and butterflies. It can serve as nesting sites, shade tree, screen borders, and wind breaks. The golden yellow fall leaves often times will persist through winter providing year-round interest. American Beach Nut is tolerant of juglone and salt. Juglone is emitted by Black Walnuts and is known to inhibit other plant growth.

50 - 80 Ft
40 -80 Ft
3 - 9
Trees and Shrubs
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