Dense Blazing Star - Liatris spicata from Ancient Roots Native Nursery

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Liatris spicata

Dense Blazing Star
4.5 inch pot First year plant - $6.50
7 inch pot First year plant - $10.00
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Blooms July - August First year plants available in spring

  • »  Bright purple, long-lasting flower spikes
  • »  Wonderful cut-flower
  • »  Narrow, dark-green, grass-like foliage

This low maintenance plant prefers average to moist well drained soils. It is more tolerant of moisture than other species of Liatris. Terminal spikes of rounded, fluffy purple flowers can be up to ¾ inch across above its grass like foliage. The roots are corms and will multiply through the years, it will also start from seeds. It is very attractive in mass plantings in a pollinator garden, rain garden, as a perennial border, prairies or cottage gardens. Liatris is a host plant for 5 species of moths and butterflies (NWF). It will also attract Hummingbirds for its nectar and songbirds for its seed.

2 - 4 Ft
.75 - 1.5 Ft
Attracts ButterfliesAttracts Humming-birdsAttracts PollinatorsAttracts SongbirdsBorder or BedCut Flower/Foliage